Transitions In UX Design


The System

This device is a high tech ultrasonic sensory system which is fitted onto the 4 corners of the front and rear bumper. It ensures safe, accurate and easy parking in all situations and to provide object detection in every corner of the vehicle. The system will only be activated when the power switch is ON and indicated by the display with LED light-up.


  • Utilizes the latest asymmetric sensing technology with 160° horizontal sensing ability.
  • Automatic ON when vehicle speed is below 20km/h
  • Automatic OFF when vehicle speed is above 20km/h
  • Active sensors with built-in micro processor to curb signal loss for optimum performance
  • Independent from vehicle's reversing sensors in order to distinguish position of objects
  • Light display clearly defining direction of approaching objects with built-in buzzer
  • 3 zones/level of warning


  • Reduces stress when reversing
  • Ease of getting in and out of tight parking spots
  • Ease maneuvering vehicle in dark and small places
  • Prevents accidental damaging vehicle when performing forward side parking
  • Prevents and reduces reverse related accidents
  • Preserves the vehicle's prime condition



Corner Sensor Control Module

Display Module

Operating Temperature Range

-20°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature Range

-30°C to +80°C

Operating Humidity


Size (L x H x W)

102.7mm x 27mm x 82mm

50mm x 30.7mm x 52.75mm


<100 gram

Sensors Frequency

40 kHz


Power Source

Car battery

from Corner Sensor Control Module

Power Requirement

DC 10V ~ 25V


Max. Power Consumption


Max. Current Consumption


Power On Response Time

0.12 second

< 0.2 second